Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hello dear blog!

I have begun to miss you once more!

Here I am in Israel, with all these thoughts, and a terribly neglected blog!


I will be better. I hope.

I found that the blog was motivation to do interesting things and improve my time management. And there are so many things to do!

Though I have a day job now, I will do my very best to post new and interesting things.

Things to look forward to:

Embroidery projects! Watch as YGirl learns new things, becomes fixated on the linen wonders of linen, and tries to sew things by hand that haven't been sewn by hand since the invention of the sewing machine!

The annual Counter-Terrorism Conference! And related worrying about resume and business card design (seriously people, give me advice about business cards!) How stylish can I go before I look like a Helvetica-obsessed madwoman? How serious can I go without looking like a self-important pompous ass? Serif or Sans-serif? Black and white or should there be some grey in there? Or perhaps, God forbid, a color?!?

Musing about Israeli apartments! Fixing air conditioning units, learning how to wash tile floors without breaking one's back, water conservation, YGirl's failed attempts at growing things!

Occasional outbursts about life in Israel! If you are lucky I will re-tell the great story of my altercation in a gelato shop. Bragging about Israeli healthcare. etc.

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Neil said...

Lovely as always - miss ya, stranger. :)