Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adventure to Ra'anana and why jet lag and taking direction shouldn't mix.

Yesterday Erin and I went to Ra'anana for Simchat Torah!

We set out in a monit sherut (shared taxi) with the nicest gruff driver ever. He was delightful!

Then we piled into the bus from Netanya's central bus station to Ra'anana. From Ra'anana we took the bus to Herzliya, the city that we hope to live in! We found a cafe with good music and delicious coffee. Tom Petty and Jack Johnson were playing on the radio as we sat down. Together, they lulled us into a state of mild giggling.

Then we called the family that we were going to synagogue and dinner with.
YGirl: "Here we are, in Herzliya! We can't find your house!"
Susie: "Umm, we don't live in Herzliya... We live in Ra'anana, the city you passed through on your way to where you are now."

So, back to Ra'anana we went.

We had a lovely time at synagogue and dinner was delicious. All was well!

Sad, Unnamed Kindle

As many people know, I tend to name the inanimate things in my life.

My car was Betsy.
My computer is Gregory.
My stuffed animal is Cow.

Hence, I feel guilty that my beautiful Kindle has no name!

Please help me choose a name. I will be forever grateful!

YGirl and E. Go To The Beach

On Thursday we went to the beach! It was glorious, but very hot. E. is still sunburned!

Check it out:

Here is the very first official roommate picture:

We are keeping each other sane as we realize that we will be over-worked, over-tired, and over-eating pastry during this year. E. is a blessing. Thank you, E. for being my roommate!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's sinking in

Holy Moley!

I am in Israel.

For real.

I looked out the window and felt how hot is it is.

I looked at the empty fridge and realized that I have to walk down to the grocery store in the heat.

I'll admit it. I am terrified.


I arrived this afternoon in Israel after a long journey. I managed to get good seats on both flights, but only got two hours of sleep total. The food was, as usual, atrocious, but I was saved by the sandwiches and snacks that my marvelous Ema packed. Everyone else was tucking into reheated soggy chicken with non-dairy cream sauce,    I was chowing down on pastrami sandwiches. L'Chayim to Ema!

Speaking of L'Chayim, I bought myself and my uncle a bottle of Johnnie Walker, each. I'm not going to share with Tzvika! I want my own.

We had dinner at the Feldmans and now I am back at the apartment, enjoying the view.

As a side note, when I got on the plane yesterday I was filled with excitement and anticipation. I talked to the fellow sitting next to me, I made friends with the children on the plane, and felt ready for an adventure.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a weekend!

I had a whirlwind weekend!

Yom Kippur was difficult. I walked too much and got pretty exhausted. I was a little sick too. Services were nice, and I got to see friends at Chabad and Hillel.

I ordered the fabric for my throw pillows and cannot wait to plan the next step! I got some little swatches of the fabric to ogle in the meantime.

The move is starting to get stressful. I feel like a will forget something, or leave my room here too messy, or do something else terribly wrong. Everyone I have spoken to in the last few days has been moving forward with their lives. Settling down, dating or getting married. I know that I am moving forward as well, but it's different. I am moving away from my family and friends to a country that can make me very unhappy. I don't want to get lonely, but I know it will happen while I am there.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fast fasting

I will be fasting for twenty five hours very soon.

Goodbye internet!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Designing a bedroom I haven't even found yet!

I have been thinking about how I will decorate my place in Israel. Never mind that I haven't found a place yet!

I like the following:

Joel Dewberry Ginseng Fabrics in Mulberry for throw cushions.

Ikea Andrea Satin duvet cover

Or perhaps Ikea Tanja Brondyr

Yay? Nay?

Oh! Guess what I got!

Otherwise known as "I'll take any opportunity to go shopping!"


So, Friday night/Saturday is the day of atonement and we don't wear leather shoes, so I think to myself:

"Ygirl, you have some shoes that aren't leather, but they are not at all comfy. They should be comfy enough to walk to synagogue while not eating or drinking for 25 hours. What are you going to do?"


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whew! Busy Day!

I spent the day with Rebecca, shopping and chatting. I need to get some shoes for Yom Kippur. I don't have any that are comfortable and not leather. Oh, the trials of a serial shopper!
So, tomorrow I need to take pictures of Betsy the Subaru and post them to Craigslist. Then I will find shoes!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Darling Portlandians

I had a lovely day with Sarah and Sean, my beloved Portlandians!
We eat, we chatted, we shopped!

They want to buy Betsy the Subaru!


Also, I think I won the battle with the Unemployment Department. Victory is mine?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rosh Hashana - Let's get it started in here!

I had a lovely time in synagogue at RH. The ETC community was out in force . The women's section was full to capacity. It makes me so happy to see the community come together and celebrate. It is a special pleasure when there are lots of ladies too! I really enjoy seeing the variety of attendees - American, Israeli, Russian, Bukhari, Yemenite, Microsofties, Old, Young, Families, Single People.

In any case, Rabbi Farkash gave a beautiful sermon and most of the women (I can't speak for the men) were wiping away tears by the end of it. He said that while we wish for a "Happy and Sweet New Year," we should do so with the intention of transforming challenges into opportunities for mitzvot. Many of my family's friends are facing difficult times now and I hope that we can band together to make something moving and beautiful out of these challenges. I said a quiet little prayer remembering our friends that are ill or struggling and appreciating their strength.

We had a dinner for the first night of RH at the Shuval House. We had challot, homemade gefilte fish, pomegranate rice, fancy salmon, salads, and Ema's famous honey cake. The Siegglis joined us and brought cider. A hearty good time was had by all.

So Many Things To Do!

I am moving to Israel in less than two weeks. I hardly know what to do with myself.
I have to (among other things) :

-Sell Betsy the Subaru
-Sort out scholarships and loans for school
-Pack my clothes and books for one year
-See my friends before I leave!

I can only do one thing at a time!

Also, I cannot seem to find my beloved trench coat. If I can't find it by the time I leave I have to get another one!
(It was at Sebastian's house. Thank goodness!)

Let the hand-wringing begin!

Friday, September 10, 2010

5771 - A Beginning

Hello Blogging World!

I am starting this blogging experiment. I have no idea what I am doing, but I hope to share some of my lovely discoveries along the way. I will be moving to a new place, doing new things, and meeting new people.

This had better be a sweet year!