Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Like Seattle: Day of Seattle

Veggie Man: "Look! This is from Am-ehr-eeka! Like you!"
YGirl: "Oh my God! This is from my land! My state!"
VM: "Yes, U.S.A."
YGirl: "This is just like Seattle!"

Hey! Look! It's some twirly glass! Chihuly twirly glass!
It's just like Seattle!

Hey! Look! Young hoodlums rascals making lots of noise with their skateboards!
It's just like Seattle!

(In the restaurant:)
YGirl: "Excuse me! Why do you have these wines?"
Waiter: "Umm, these ones?"
YGirl: "Yes, they are from close to my house in America."
Waiter: "Uh, I dunno, maybe the price? Or maybe it's the taste?"
YGirl: "Awesome."

1 comment:

Apollo said...

Oh, delightful Seattle-ness. I would feel right at home.