Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Long time no....


I am so sorry to have neglected poor little bloggy blog.

Here's a little update:

I have been back in Israel since the 3rd. Later that night, lovely Amanda stayed with me for a couple days!

She waited patiently while I finished my horrible Research Methods paper and then we went to Tel Aviv for the day. Her friend joined us, and Sweet J did as well! We went to the Shuk, my favorite restaurant near the shuk, Dizengoff, etc. It was nice.

School started last week. I am taking another course with the illustrious Prof. Adamsky, Strategy and Deterrence. I am also taking courses in Negotiation, Fundraising, Strategic SURPRISE! and (another favorite from undergrad) Political Theory. We are doing a survey of the great political theorists, but with a twist of comparing their thoughts with those of female thinkers. I am so excited! Elizabeth Spellman, here I come!

I am making some new friends in my classes this semester because we have more people in our courses. In the first semester, we hardly had any Diplomacy kids in our classes, and now we share a fair number of classes! Hurrah for new friends.

I have been fighting a general ennui. I think I have lost my mojo!

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