Monday, May 23, 2011

Awesome Doctor Experiences

E. and I both have a fairly well documented adoration of our doctor: the friendly and efficient Dr. Brian.
He has helped both of us with various ailments and complaints over our eight months in Israel so far. He's wonderful!

Today however, he terrified me by insisting that I need to go on Accutane.

Uhh, no thanks, buddy. Especially because sun exposure is strictly forbidden and I am living in a country that will not see clouds for another five months. So, yeah, no.

I called the insurance for an appointment with a dermatologist. Our first interaction was on the phone and not very satisfactory. She is Russian and speaks Russian and heavily accented Hebrew. I speak English and very poor Hebrew. I was apprehensive, but I am very pleased by my experience.

In the US I went to an awful dermatologist who didn't actually look at my face and tried to undermine my decision making at every turn. He also decided that I should go on the pill even though I said that I didn't want to (last time I tried that I ended up suffering from depression, hot flashes, and simultaneous ravenous hunger and nausea, so thanks but no thanks).

Dr. Helena told me straight away that she won't put me on Accutane because it is a last resort. She also said that she doesn't like putting women on the pill for their skin until they try other medicine. Our conversation was stilted due to my lack of vocabulary (i.e. not knowing the word for the Pill: "It's this medicine that you take so there are no babies? How do you say that?"), but I have several prescriptions and the hope that they will work.

Bravo, sensible Doctors!


Tamia said...

Accutane? Isn't there a class-action lawsuit involving liver damage against Accutane? No thanks!

I wish I had a good dermatologist--I've had darn near every skin affliction there is, so I'd be a very profitable patient!

YGirl said...

Tamia: I thought so too, but I'm in Israel right now, so maybe they don't think about it. I don't know.
I hope this dermatologist will be the solution, but I don't have much faith due to previous experience.
I think your skin looks beautiful, and I am sorry you've had trouble with it.