Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lag Ba Omer: Bonfire-Dance Party-Craziness

The title kind of says it all, doesn't it?
My school had this party on the beach in honor of Lag Ba Omer last week.

True to Israeli form, they didn't actually put up a sign to show where the stairs down to the cliff started. We managed to meander for twenty minutes before finding the entrance. It was hidden behind the catering truck.

Bonfires are a big deal in Israel on Lag Ba Omer.
People will just set them up in gravel parking lots, on the beach, in parks, etc.

Sweet J and N looking zoned out at the bonfire.

We chatted, ate hot dogs and toasted marshmallows
(risking burns for the marshmallows to be toasted on the fire, mind you).

Then we danced the night away. We found out that one of our classmates is an amazing dancer.
Now we have to go clubbing or dancing or salsa dancing!

Also, Fire Dancing:

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