Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purim 2011 - An Extravaganza!

Purim is an awesome holiday - it's usually described as the Jewish Halloween/Mardi Gras.
It is so much more than that, but needless to say, the Israelis flipping LOVE this holiday.

I dressed up as a doll and E. dressed up "gangsta". We looked awesome!

E. was a little terrified of my doll face:

My shoes with bows:

Our lovely, boa-bedecked friend M.

Marvelous D. the feathery, sparkly fairy godmother: 

People dressed up on the bus to Tel Aviv:

Fuzzy roomie photo:

A dancing protest in the square:

Some of my lovely friends:

The street party in Florintin:

It was amazing! Dancing, drinking, partying in the streets!

We went to Mike's Place (the American bar) and hung out for a while. 
I did the thriller dance with a random fellow:

And then dashed off to the school party. It was pretty awful and I was too tired to deal with it in a wise manner. I snapped and flagged down a taxi to take me from Tel Aviv to Herzliya. I didn't even argue about the price. "Just take me home!"

The next day, I went to school for a megillah reading and lunch. Over all, it was a good holiday!

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