Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three Little Girls Go To Yaffo - Shuk HaPishpishim - The Flea Market

On Sunday E and I went to Yaffo with a friend that it in our program. She wanted to go to the shuk and we wanted to explore Yaffo.
We took the bus from Herzliya to the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv, then an overpriced taxi to Yaffo. We were ravenous and collapsed at Doctor Shakshouka despite our earnest efforts to branch out. Check out the lovely ceiling of the restaurant. E and I are both from earthquake country and were really nervous about things hanging above our heads.

After lunch, we headed over to the shuk. Lots of clothes, cheap jewelry, knick knacks etc.

M. made a new friend!

We discussed lots of important things:

A handsome young filmmaker took our picture:

Yaffo is so lovely because you see a really Middle Eastern kind of culture. Lots of men playing backgammon (sheshbesh) and drinking mint tea.

Awesome shop with old suitcases, printing presses, cameras etc. It reminded me of my grandfather.

The carpet stores:

And a lovely man mending a carpet:

We happened upon this stall in the market with antique and vintage printing plates. The shop keeper asked if he could help me with anything and I replied "No thank you, just looking." He followed me around the stall and apologized for having frightened me.

I wasn't frightened.

A lovely view from the park.

E. found a church! A Catholic one at that!

We walked back to the center of Yaffo and went to our favorite baklava place... Where we happened upon our friend from school, Dave the International Man, with his friends from Europe. Delightful!

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Hayley said...

Wow looks like so much fun. I love meeting interesting people like the frigtening man, haha. but seriously. this looks like it is straight from the amazing race.