Sunday, July 24, 2011

Italy 4 :Saturday evening in Roma

After sunset on Saturday, the Lamberts and I headed into the city to see the forum and eat in Trastevere, across the Tiber.

Forum! It looks really ghostly in the twilight. The stone is really red.
So different from the Roman ruins in Israel.

This is where the chariot races were!

Does anyone else have the soundtrack of Ben Hur running through their head?

We finally got down to the River. It was so beautiful! 

This is a picture from one of the bridges across the Tiber. The funny square dome is the synagogue! It was really moving to see it like that, among lots of Catholic buildings with crosses on their domes and roofs. Then the synagogue with its square dome and no cross. It's a very proud building, right on the bank of the river. I went to tour it on Sunday, but they don't allow pictures for security reasons.

The Lamberts contemplating the intricacies of the map.

We were lucky enough to go on a day of a festival. There were shops and booths and restaurants set up along the river. 

Lambert fashion shot!

I tried on a big hat. It would have been like a parasol for me. I should have bought it.

This one's for DS, in Israel. He insisted that I eat tiramisu. So I did. Delicious!

Then we walked back the same way we came on the river, until we crossed over a different bridge.

We went up to one of the buildings and saw a poster of Gilad Shalit. The poster says:
"Rome wants its citizen free"
Gilad has been held in captivity by Hamas for more than five years without any Red Cross visits or humanitarian aid. Hamas said that they are willing to release him in return for more an a thousand Hamas and Fatakh members that are held in Israeli prisons. Many of them are self-proclaimed terrorists who have vowed to continue attacking Israel if released. The movement to free Gilad Shalit is led by his brave and resolute parents. 

Back on the forum! The think that's Constantine, but we aren't sure.

Then, over to the Colosseum!

G and YGirl, Gladiators! With purses.

Now I am a kindly hostess showing off my new Colosseum:
YGirl: Isn't it lovely?
G: Oh, I simply adore it!
YGirl: We paid extra for the aging and weathering. It look more authentic that way!
G: Divine, darling!

Lamberts! Again with the map, making sure we don't get lost.


We ended up wandering around until we found a taxi to take us home to the hostel. Lovely time!
Stay turned for Italy 5: Holy Places Day!

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