Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello from Seattle!

Hey! This is just a quick little musing that I want to capture. I will post the details of my journey to Seattle in a later post.

It's strange being back in Seattle. Part of me feels like I have even been in Israel. Everything seems pretty natural and normal. I had a Chai, eat Chinese and Indian food, saw some friends, drove a car (haven't done that in about five months!).

But when I talk with people it feels like I have to give them a whole back story. I have to explain my use of Hebrew, my little jokes with precious E. and my new fixation with all things CT. I don't know if I am boring people or just that people don't know how to respond to: "Listen, if I wanted to plan a terrorist attack in central Manhattan, I would put explosives on...." and "The TSA would be wise to require their personnel to be as cheerful as a Starbucks barista due to the higher rates of effectiveness and general trust- and morale-building...."

I also didn't realize how uncomfortable I am around some people and that now I have to consciously compensate for passive-aggressive criticism when I around them. With my friends in Israel I receive praise for the good that I do, or when I look good and polite corrections or disagreements when we have a difference of opinion.

I miss my friends in Israel now!

I'm having some self-esteem issues too, so some morale-boosting is in order!

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