Monday, January 17, 2011

Wow, Finals are brutal.

I haven't been posting much because I don't really know what to post about my life right now.
It all just seems dreadfully dull. For example:

Today I procrastinated all day! I haven't done any of my reading but I did buy some yarn and walk around town with E!

In any case, yesterday we had our Adamsky final. This professor is my very favorite. He is jaw-droppingly smart and handsome. We all adore him! He emphasized that the final wasn't going to be difficult because the course is for our "intellectual pleasure." Apart from being an exceeding pleasurable experience (with lots of swooning on the part of at least 60% of the class), it was informative a interesting. E. and I agreed that we are both going to miss him and his course over our break. The final was fairly easy and the professor stopped by at the end, looking dashing and marvelous. He really is a pleasure.

E. and I walked back to the center with our friend Diana to have early dinner and then took the bus to the MAX BRENNER for our reward. We have been trying to reward ourselves for studying because our motivation has been so low. After that I had a drink with a new friend who is fascinating and very engaging. We talked about music and spirituality and my impressive procrastination!

Tonight I am going for dinner at a friend's house. She's an exchange student from India and is truly delightful! She makes wonderful curries too! Yummy!

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Anonymous said...

I truly feel honoured that I get a mention in the same post as Dima. Now I really regret not taking any of his courses. Do keep blogging! = )