Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yaffo! Hummus!

Sweet J and I decided that we wanted authentic hummus so we got in a taxi and told the driver that we want good hummus in Yaffo. And off we went!

We ended up in Hummus Hajj - an Arab place. They waited on us hand and foot.
We had a salad and salatim (little tapas or mezze) and fresh pita and pickles etc. in addition to our hummus im bassar (hummus with meat). In this case the meat was sliced beef.

We walked back to the old city of Yaffo to catch a taxi back to Sweet J's place. I frantically photographed our surroundings as the sun was setting. Many of the buildings in Yaffo were painted, which is very different from the Israeli white stucco or Jerusalem stone.

Green House!

Yaffo also has lots of decorative tiling and wrought iron doors and window shutters.

Orange House!

Christmas tree posters! Also, this wall does look ominous, but there's only a basketball court on the other side.

It doesn't show up well, but there is a Pink House back there!

A view of Tel Aviv from Yaffo.

More tiles!

A Catholic church made of Jerusalem stone.

VICTORY! I finally found the place that I was looking for last time we were in Yaffo.

Nauseatingly Green House!

Almost at the square!

We got back to Sweet J's and then I gathered my things and returned home on the bus.

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