Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friends Visiting Israel!!! Part Two: Sugar, Brides and Sushi

On Monday Emily, Scott and I went to Tel Aviv. But first we stopped by my school and returned Bessy to her home at Avis. We buses down to the city, starting at the shuk.
We ate at my favorite restaurant close to the shuk and then explored the shuk.

Emily getting her sugar fix.

Scott NOT watching the sugar craziness.

We walked along the promenade to Yaffo, stopping at the beach on the way.

Scott and Emily in the Mediterranean.

Our perch on the "Rockery"

You can't really see it, but the people on the pier thingy are a bride and groom. This was the first of five brides that we saw that day. We figured out that this is the start of wedding season in Israel because you can't have weddings during the Omer, seven weeks in late spring. There are three weeks in the middle of the summer of mourning, so no weddings in late-ish June/July. And August is awfully hot.


The view of Tel Aviv from Yaffo.

The Egyptian archeological dig in Yaffo!

We wandered around Yaffo and ate some baklava (delicious!) and walked back to Tel Aviv at sunset.

Every college boy's dream.

The last supper of famous Jews.

We went to Arcaffe for coffee and HaSushiya for sushi afterwards! Yummy!

Then my lovely guests returned to Ireland. I tried to convince them to come back for the Tel Aviv Marathon, but coming to Israel every two or three weeks isn't feasible. Come back, darlings! I will show you even more beautiful places and find more delicious treats for you!

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