Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sightseeing with T. In Tel Aviv-Yaffo

My Official Israeli Gallivanting Partner T. and I went to Tel Aviv and Yaffo from Jerusalem the day after Pesach. I braved the awful Jerusalem bus station before deciding to take the sherut (shared taxi) to Tel Aviv instead of the bus. T. and I piled into the back seat of the van with two other adults and a child.

We got to Tel Aviv Central Bus Station - otherwise known as the scariest place in the world, and preceded to find the bus to Yaffo. We met my friend from college and her mother for lunch and shopping. The restaurant was lovely and the food amazing! Thai curry with pumpkin dumplings!

T. and YGirl

M. and her mother

M.'s mother with a statue of Elvis.

After some very high-impact shopping in the shuk, T. and I walked back to Tel Aviv to catch the bus. This was is quickly becoming one of my favorites! We even saw Avigdor Lieberman walking by in his fancy mafia suit. I had to pull T. out of his way for fear that his bodyguard might be over-zealous.

Two guys reenacting the Titanic scene (at least that what T. and I were considering doing there).

Arab kids in doorags, nuns and tall building mean Israel!

T. came back with me to Herzliya and we collapsed from tiredness. A lovely time was had by all!

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