Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jerusalem for Pesach!

I went to The Lovely Rolands for the last day of Pesach in Jerusalem.
But before arriving, I took some really touristy photos!

Touristy Bus Sign

Touristy shot of the Jerusalem Chords Bridge

Poorly shot photo of Gan Sacher (a big park) full of people picnicking and making tiny barbecues.

After arriving at Chez Roland, A. and I went for a walk into the center of the city where I wolfed down kosher for passover, Kitniyot-free frozen yoghurt. We met S. while walking back and said a prayer that is said once a year, during the spring, upon seeing two fruit-bearing trees. Coolness!

We ate a lovely dinner of kosher for passover gnocchi and soup! Then we played Phase 10. I won! Victory!

After a restful night of sleeping (and sleeping in late!) we lunched on leftovers after sunning ourselves in the park and reading. 

In the evening, after chag went out, we went into the city for PIZZA in honor of S.'s birthday. I met up with my partner in Israeli gallivanting, T. We had lots of pizza and some beer and I met some fun new people!

I really love Jerusalem, and I like meeting new people that have inventive, innovating and passionate views on religious observance. Talking with these people strengthens my resolve to keep investing in my spiritual growth through both traditional and new approaches.

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