Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adventure to Ra'anana and why jet lag and taking direction shouldn't mix.

Yesterday Erin and I went to Ra'anana for Simchat Torah!

We set out in a monit sherut (shared taxi) with the nicest gruff driver ever. He was delightful!

Then we piled into the bus from Netanya's central bus station to Ra'anana. From Ra'anana we took the bus to Herzliya, the city that we hope to live in! We found a cafe with good music and delicious coffee. Tom Petty and Jack Johnson were playing on the radio as we sat down. Together, they lulled us into a state of mild giggling.

Then we called the family that we were going to synagogue and dinner with.
YGirl: "Here we are, in Herzliya! We can't find your house!"
Susie: "Umm, we don't live in Herzliya... We live in Ra'anana, the city you passed through on your way to where you are now."

So, back to Ra'anana we went.

We had a lovely time at synagogue and dinner was delicious. All was well!

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