Thursday, September 16, 2010

Designing a bedroom I haven't even found yet!

I have been thinking about how I will decorate my place in Israel. Never mind that I haven't found a place yet!

I like the following:

Joel Dewberry Ginseng Fabrics in Mulberry for throw cushions.

Ikea Andrea Satin duvet cover

Or perhaps Ikea Tanja Brondyr

Yay? Nay?


PrincessGrace said...

I would go with the Andrea, naturally, because it' awesome, just like all Andreas, and it's beautiful, like all Andreas! :-D And the three swatches at top are all gorgeous!

Holly said...

I like the bright colors. The bedroom should never be boring!

Sarah Silliman, LMT said...

You know me- I'll always go for the colorful over the drab. And wine colors have always been so pretty around you! <3

Yael said...

Thank you for re-enforcing my determination!
I just got some swatches of the fabric!