Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a weekend!

I had a whirlwind weekend!

Yom Kippur was difficult. I walked too much and got pretty exhausted. I was a little sick too. Services were nice, and I got to see friends at Chabad and Hillel.

I ordered the fabric for my throw pillows and cannot wait to plan the next step! I got some little swatches of the fabric to ogle in the meantime.

The move is starting to get stressful. I feel like a will forget something, or leave my room here too messy, or do something else terribly wrong. Everyone I have spoken to in the last few days has been moving forward with their lives. Settling down, dating or getting married. I know that I am moving forward as well, but it's different. I am moving away from my family and friends to a country that can make me very unhappy. I don't want to get lonely, but I know it will happen while I am there.

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