Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rosh Hashana - Let's get it started in here!

I had a lovely time in synagogue at RH. The ETC community was out in force . The women's section was full to capacity. It makes me so happy to see the community come together and celebrate. It is a special pleasure when there are lots of ladies too! I really enjoy seeing the variety of attendees - American, Israeli, Russian, Bukhari, Yemenite, Microsofties, Old, Young, Families, Single People.

In any case, Rabbi Farkash gave a beautiful sermon and most of the women (I can't speak for the men) were wiping away tears by the end of it. He said that while we wish for a "Happy and Sweet New Year," we should do so with the intention of transforming challenges into opportunities for mitzvot. Many of my family's friends are facing difficult times now and I hope that we can band together to make something moving and beautiful out of these challenges. I said a quiet little prayer remembering our friends that are ill or struggling and appreciating their strength.

We had a dinner for the first night of RH at the Shuval House. We had challot, homemade gefilte fish, pomegranate rice, fancy salmon, salads, and Ema's famous honey cake. The Siegglis joined us and brought cider. A hearty good time was had by all.

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