Sunday, October 10, 2010

Desert Schlep: Day Two

We awoke at 6:30 in the morning after having slept for less than four hours. I think I got a grand total of three hours, others were luckier.

Breakfast was wonderful, all the one could ask for, really. Except for French Toast, that is. I was groggy enough that I didn't take pictures. Sorry, bloggy blog.

And so off we went to Ein Gedi for a legendary hike. It was supposed to be three hours, but it was more.
They would let people go on the hike unless they had their heads covered. It was headscarf/t-shirt on the head city!

And so we hiked through the water, to the waterfall where the Little Ones stripped down to tiny swim garments (sorry, no pictures of that part, fellas). 

Chivalry is not dead. The boys helped me up the rocks. I had trouble due to the combination of short legs and jeans soaked in river water (yeah, I was hardcore enough to jump on in).

Then we hiked back on the "Mountain Path."

The lovely and talented E. exhibiting excellent hiking behavior!

Obligatory self-taken self-portrait.

After this went to the Dead Sea to "relax and cool off" - in the saltiest, warmest, nastiest water know to YGirl.
I sat in the shade with friends that complained about the heat.

Then we went home. Exhausted. And I have a cold.

E. and I have been recuperating for the past few days.

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