Friday, October 1, 2010

First Day On Campus

E. and I went to campus for Orientation on Friday. We took a taxi because we had the be there early and couldn't stomach the FOUR buses that it takes to get there. One hundred shekels later and we were there, safe and sound.

We had a full program orientation, a Specialization  orientation (where we found out that one of the classes will be taught by the former head of Mossad), a library and computer services orientation and a campus tour.

E. and I have developed an admiration for one of the orientation assistants. He is the only person on campus that has answered our emails and been helpful. We adore him and we haven't even met him. We are a little worried that he might think we are creepy. Not that we are, or anything...

Then we went to the Feldman's for dinner. Deliciousness ensued.

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