Saturday, October 9, 2010

To the desert we go! Day One

The RRIS (international school) at the IDC took all willing Master's students and first year international students for a two day trip to the desert. Essentially, we were stuck with eighteen year olds for two days. In a bus, on a hike, at the Bedouin tents. The MA students on our bus (there were seven buses - that's a lot of spoiled, drunken eighteen year olds) kept together at the front of the bus, horrified by the antics of the "Little Ones."

We started out at seven-thirty in the morning from the IDC in our pack of buses.

We went to the President's Forest for some group bonding exercises, complete with balancing, supporting each other's weight on ropes, and throwing balls at each other. Oh, and lots of dirty jokes from the freshmen about, em, balls. Oy.

We had lunch there:

Ksenia, Amy, and the lovely E.

The undergrad that we adopted - Maybell from Denmark!

This is boy Aaron. He doesn't look impressed with my photography.

From there we went to the Bar Kochba Caves for some good ol' spelunking. I thought going with the "hardcore" group, but frozen when I saw that they entrance was a dark, scary hole in the ground. I went with the easy group. It was terrifying without a flashlight. I was behind E. At one point she moved far ahead of me and I couldn't figure out where I was supposed to go. I called for her! I was terrified! We made it through just fine.

Then we went to the Authentic Bedouin Tents! The food was unbelievably good. We partied and then tried to sleep while the undergrads stumbled around drunken making out with each other. Like, OMG!

The delightful E.

The very authentic bedouin tents.

"It's like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!"
Except without the chocolate. Just lots of snacks!

Y and E!

The MA Girls!

The Food. So Delicious!

YGirl was this happy about the food.
Next to me you see Noam, one of the guys from our program.

Party and food "tent."

We danced, we partied, then we lay in bed unable to sleep due to loud undergrads.

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