Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tel Aviv - It's not confusing, it's just Israel

E. and I schlepped down to Tel Aviv - the metropolis of Israel. Center of style! Center of secular life! Center of confusing bus systems and hidden train stations!

We had a late lunch with Dov and then went into the center for some good old schlepping around the city.

We went to market, where I bought figs (score!) and headscarves for the lovely Rebecca.

YGirl and E in the market.

Gorgeous fresh veggies - a great variety too. I found butter lettuce (my father would be thrilled), jerusalem artichokes (which oddly have nothing to do with Jerusalem or artichokes, the more correct name for them is Sunchokes - they are a tuber related to sunflowers), figs, huge radishes, squash, etc.

Then we walked down Sheinken Street - lots of hip stores and American/European brands. In fact it was just like Seattle at some points. Case in point:

A young man playing a rock song on his guitar outside the Billabong store. See, just like home.

From there we walked up Rothschild Street, a lovely wide boulevard with a pedestrian median with cafes and trees and benches.

I took these photos of some of the lovely buildings in the area. I apologize for the quality of the pictures.

This one was lit up in yellow. It was beautiful!

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