Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To Jerusalem We Went!

I love Jerusalem.
More than any other city (sorry, Seattle).

And so E and I went to J'lem. We went to my cousin's pre-wedding party and then stayed at a friend's house.

Our friend (who we met through school) and her husband kindly hosted us for Shabbat. It was so lovely to spend a proper Shabbat with new friends! I also got to meet the older brother of a guy I knew in Jewish youth group. The Jewish world is only so big, right?

We ate, we drank, we sang, we played card games.

After Shabbat we went out to C'naan, a bar in Jerusalem that plays Israeli music and makes some of the very best bar food. Give me fried things and I am happy!

Then we went to Ben Yehuda street. It was full of people, dancing, singing, shopping, a Christian Asian choir was singing. We discovered E's secret power - she can spot Christians! "Those are my peeps!" She says!

The next day I actually took pictures:

This is our friends' building.

Our friend's husband showing us how to get to the market!

Official Jerusalem roommate picture!

The Israel museum as seen from our bus stop.

Yael in the empty shuk.
If I could buy everything in the shuk, I would. I love it.

Israeli men doing what they do best. Sitting and chatting in the middle of the sidewalk.

Dude balancing a tray of bread on his head!

The walls of the old city.

Yummy soldiers coming up from the fancy mall.

Part of the fancy mall.

Lunch, beautiful lunch.

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