Monday, December 6, 2010

Day in Tel Aviv - Finding the Christmas Spirit

E. and I went to Tel Aviv today with J. to find the Christmas trees at the shuk.

We ate at an awesome restaurant. What you do to find an awesome restaurant is ask at least three people that work at the shuk for restaurant recommendations. If they all say the same thing, you go there. Because it is going to be mind-blowingly delicious and inexpensive.

I had meatballs with rice, beans, salad, tehina. E. and J. both got skewers (chicken for E. and lamb for J.) with fries, salad, and lots of awesome hummus. We also had chopped fresh tomato with zhug and pita and Lakhuch. When I asked the waiter about the lakhuch he brought us more to eat and another Yemenite bread that I can't remember the name of.

The damage that we did!

Sweet J. He didn't like this photo.

Then we walked to Heaven. I took some pictures of Tel Aviv at night.

Happiest E. in the world with Christmas decorations!

This building had stunning wooden shutters.

This was enough to get me a little teary eyed, hannukiah in the cafe:
(Side not: As we walked out of the shuk with our bounty, one of the shop keepers was lighting the candles in the middle of the shuk. All of the boys working in the surrounding stalls stopped and covered their heads (with napkins and their hands, mind you) and watched the candle lighting. I stopped too. It was so beautiful).

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