Monday, December 27, 2010

Tel Aviv - With Sweet J. and A.

I went Tel Aviv the other day to meet A. and Sweet J.

We met at the shuk and then went to our favorite restaurant in the side streets. We went to the clothing shuk (lots of ugly, ugly clothes and not enough motivation to look through it all) and my new favorite crafty store - full of trim and belt buckles and lace and pretty things!

We walked up Sheinkin Street to look at the boutiques and test Sweet J.'s patience and then walked A. over to Dizengoff Square to get her bus. On the way be found advertisements for our school. They are photos of Israeli leaders with babies' faces. We hear there is a Golda Meir one too. We will find it!

Sweet J. and I pondered out next step at a cafe, where I ate/drank sahlab  for the first time. We went to a tea shop and I bought some gorgeous loose leaf tea.

We decided that we wanted to see TRON at a theater in Dizengoff Square. We had dinner (huge, delicious, inexpensive burgers, see below) at the cinema's restaurant.

The results of my shopping of the day:

Material for two high-waisted belts.
Yummy tea: Earl Grey with Sencha (I drank three pots of it today. That's why I am still blogging at two in morning, I think).


Kimberly said...

I love your belt supplies! I am so jealous. Will you teach me your belt making knowledge when you come back after school?

Payam said...

I am curious now. What does the ad campaign with the baby faces say?