Saturday, December 11, 2010

The End of Hanukkah

And so Hanukkah came to a close.
I went to campus on Wednesday to meet with the lovely, the gorgeous, the sassy Shira, our class's social advisor. It was beautiful!

Look at my school!

(Note to Kim: These columns are from the dig at Caesarea here in Israel.)

Then I walked home, but stopped on the way for the last soufganiah (doughnut) of Hanukkah, fresh from the oil at our local bakery.

(Another note to Kim: I am wearing the brooch that you gave me in the picture!)

And then we lit the last candle on the Hanukkah. I was already super sniffly. I have been grumpily sick ever since. Maybe I need more doughnut supplements!


Kimberly said...

I love that the columns are just chillin at your school. Its neat that you get to be so close just magnificent things. And i am so happy you like the broach we got you in France!

Tamar said...

I love you post. I gather those blue skies didn't last very long though.