Monday, December 27, 2010

Delicious: Yemenite-Spiced Stuffed Baby Bell Peppers

They were even more delicious than they sound.

I was walking home from school one day when I happened upon a gorgeous pile of bell peppers at the vegetable stand. They were small, irregular, wobbly and inconsistently colored. They were on super-duper-extra sale.

Everyone knows how I feel about super-duper-extra sale!

I bought them with Friday night potluck dinner in mind. The host of the dinner requested that I bring a meaty dish and so I started googling recipes. As a side note, it gets hard to cook when you have filed away recipes in your head and then leave the cookbook at home in another country.

I decided that I would include rice in the filling so that it wouldn't just be ground meat.

So I got started:

I settled on using the vegetable man's cooking suggestion, but with some extra spiciness thrown in. He recommended poaching the peppers in tomato sauce in the oven. I said "Why use tomato sauce when I have wine?!?" He suggested using salt, pepper and onions. I said "Sounds awesome, veggie man, how about the Hawaj I bought on a whim from the spice guy?"

I cut off the tops of the peppers, and thankfully didn't have too many seeds to remove.

I made rice with sauteed onion, Hawaj and bay leaves. I fried up the meat with more onion, salt, pepper and more hawaj. Then I mixed the two.

I filled the peppers with the rice and meat mixture. Then the peppers had a photoshoot.

The finished product:

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Loraine said...

They look delish! I'm sure they were a hit!