Monday, December 13, 2010

YGirl's Israeli Winter Fashion Show

I know most of your reading this blog are probably bored stiff by these types of posts, but deal with it.

It's my blog and I wanna post OOTD's!

Bear in mind that these are from November, and I didn't wear jackets with them. Awesome winter, right?

Now these, fair readers, are from the past two days. I had to wear my trusty North Face coat with these.
Now that's a proper winter!

This is close up of how I wore the brooch that Kimbo bought me!
(People really liked the brooch, by the way. Good taste Kimbo!)


Loraine said...

Oh, I love your OOTD's! You can't go wrong with Anthro!

The YGirl said...

I agree, Loraine!
I finally caved and bought some items from the anthro sale. A friend will deliver them to me next month. I'm really excited!