Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cruise to Greece, Lovely, lovely Lindos (Part Two).

The acropolis of Lindos was built before the Acropolis of Athens. The two were engaged in a Acropolis building competition. It was later inhabited by the Kings of Saint John.

We had a lovely tour courtesy of our tour guide, Christina.

Check it out:

This is a bas-relief (if my art history knowledge is still serving me well) of a ship by the sculptor of the Winged Victory.

The Stairs! They warned us about the stairs.
"Do not go to the acropolis if you cannot climb one hundred stairs!"

View from part of the way up the Acropolis.

Wind-swept with lots of parts of columns around.

Hurricane JOBEY!

I wanna take the boulder!

The climb down was delightful. There are no hand-rails. O was scared and had to hold E's hand the whole way down the stairs, bless her.

YGirl: "Quick, B! Look victorious!"

And he did!

J snickered at E and O the whole way down the stairs, while I grasped his arm and made my "I'm scared of heights sounds".

"Quick, J! Look Victorious!"

The rest of Lindos was very touristy, but very nice.

I decided that I wanted to have my picture taken with statues. More to come later in the trip!

I bought some handmade ceramics in Lindos. Pictures to come.

We stopped at a pottery studio on the way back to Rhodes:

The man in the orange shirt is J's creepy stalker.
He followed him around the ship.

Hand painted by grumpy Greek women.

E made friends with the dog.
His name is Booby.

Lastly, these are not the best pictures, but they were taken as we drove past the Jewish cemetery in Rhodes. It's the only one on the island.

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Kimberly said...

I love the pics! What fun to be surrounded by all that history and archaeology!