Friday, November 12, 2010

Cruise to Greece, rollicking in Rhodes

Hurricane J.O.B.E.Y. made landfall in Rhodes on Monday night.

Yours truly was sitting in her cabin working on a policy paper on Terrorism and the Media when the ship docked. I went up to on deck to find my cohorts. After finding them I lost them again. I took lots of pictures from all over the ship. 

I found my friends and we disembarked after O. straightened my hair (yes, it looked weird). We took a taxi to "Bar" Street in the new town to go to a disco, but it was closed. We walked around the town and ended up at a bar called Medusa. I ordered Ouzo, the anise-y liquor of Greece. The kind waitress brought me a glass of the regular stuff and a free shot of the strong stuff. I stumbled back drunkenly talking photos.

Greek Irish pub anyone?

Lovely E. and Darling J. at Medusa's

Looking blurry!

I think this is a monument to Greek self-determination, but I am not sure.

At all. This photo was post-ouzo.

The gang walking down the street in Rhodes!

I celebrated my return to the ship by posing thusly:

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