Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oy vey. The new apartment.

It's huge. It's got a washing machine. It's got an oven, for God's sake! I should be happy right?

It smells awful.

Hopefully we will have furniture soon. In the meantime, it's pretty horrid looking.

Sleeping in the living room for the first night.

Check out those awesome shelves!
I love them!

The dining room.

The yet to be completed kitchen.

My room. It has closets all the way up the wall!

An enclosed balcony.

In my closet. What is this little cage for?
Blankets? Babies? Puppies?

I have since hung some curtains in my room to give me some privacy. I am sleeping on J's airbed until I can get a mattress from a family friend.

More to come!

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